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      3. About Fifth Column

        Fifth Column is an artist-led film production company. We explore the grey areas at the fringes of society, telling challenging and engaging stories that lie outside the mainstream.

        Our films have been financed by the UK Film Council, Ingenious Partners the British Council and 4Docs, and premiered at festivals including SXSW and Edinburgh.

        Key personnel

        Anthony Fletcher

        Writer/Director Anthony Fletcher co-founded Fifth Column Films with Rob Curry in 2006 when they decided to collaborate on a film project. He is an award winning playwright and theatre director, and recently completed online film project Postcards from the Future. he also writes a long-standing film blog. Work for Fifth Column includes screenplays for The Boat People and Domestics.

        Richard Mitchell

        Director of Photography Richard Mitchell has worked on drama and documentary features including Taking Liberties, In The Hands Of The Gods and The Iron Cross. He's shot several shorts for the UK Film Council as well as major-label music videos. He is currently directing his first feature for Fifth Column.

        Rob Curry

        Co-founder Rob Curry worked as a theatre director for several years before moving into film. He directed premieres and international tours by writers including Ariel Dorfman, Neil Biswas and Caryl Churchill. He has recently completed a short for the British Council. Work for Fifth Column includes The Boat People, UKFC funded short Domestics and co-direction on Way of the Morris.

        Tim Plester

        Award-winning filmmaker Tim Plester has directed five films for Fifth Column including Slaphappy and Way of the Morris. He most recently completed Norfolk-set short Here We'm Be Together.