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      3. Everything is Music

        An extraordinary film, profound and at the same time, light-hearted. It offers hope without any rhetoric. Should be seen across the world.
        John Berger

        Everything is Music is a documentary exploring the music, landscapes and people of the volcanic island of La Reunion - a French territory set in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

        Our guide is an accomplished and talented Iranian musician who grew up in Paris and recently moved to the island, where he became immersed in the thriving local music scene. Through his encounters we discover the secrets to the harmonious co-existence of cultures that is an almost unique feature of Reyunionese life. The film presents the concept of the Creole as a blueprint for modern living, and in this setting Arash and his distinctive Eastern-inflected philosophy of tolerance and inclusion finally find a home.

        The film features internationally renowned artists including Lindigo, Danyl Waro and Natalie Natiembe. It is directed by artist-filmmaker Sogand Bahram, whose distinctive, visually stunning photographic style brings the most out of the weird and wonderful landscapes of the volcanic island. This is her first feature film.