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      3. The Ballad of Shirley Collins

        Rob Curry and Tim Plester's follow-up to the award-winning documentary ‘Way of the Morris’ is a creative response to the life of musical icon Shirley Collins.

        it is a universal story of a singer who lost their voice, and traces her attempts to regain it at the grand old age of 80 after not singing for nigh on 40 years. The film intertwines this with the story of her formative years, with particular emphasis on a now-legendary trip she made around the 'Deep South' of America with her lover, the pre-eminent ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax.

        Our third feature documentary, The Ballad of Shirley Collins was a co-production with Burning Bridges, Fire Film and Miles of Smiles. It premiered at the BFI London Film Festival in 2017 and is currently on national release in the UK. The International Premiere will be in January 2018 at a prestigious European film festival.