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        past productions
        > Back Catalogue Don Alfonso gags his wife - reader by arial dorfman equiano and suzannah his wife - equiano by christopher rodriguez "...from this time forth my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth" - hamlet by william shakespeare

        2001 Equiano
        By Christopher Rodriguez

        The story of a wealthy black English landowner who started life as a slave.
        2000 Hamlet
        A version

        Shakespeare's play with two actors playing the lead part.
        1999 Flow My Tears
        by Philip K Dick

        A TV Game Show Host in a dystopian future wakes up to find his identity has been erased.
        1998 The Focus Group
        by Anthony Fletcher

        The inner workings of a terrorist cell of middle class college graduates.
        1996 Reader
        by Ariel Dorfman

        English premiere of the follow up to 'Death and the Maiden'.
        1995 Crash
        by Neil Biswas

        Abuse and insanity on Railton Road.
        1994 Three More Sleepless Nights
        by Caryl Churchill

        Revival of classic Churchill short about doomed relationships in Thatcher's Britain.
        1993 Henry IV
        by William Shakespeare

        From Richard II to Henry V in 80 minutes ...