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      3. Way of the Morris

        To celebrate the release of our current feature documentary The Ballad of Shirley Collins, Way of the Morris is available to watch FOR FREE on the Lush Player until the end of November!

        Morris dancing is one of England's most ancient and enduring roots traditions. And yet to your average man-jack on the street, it's seen as little more than a national joke. And a bad national joke at that.

        A heartfelt ode to his agrarian roots, WAY OF THE MORRIS follows filmmaker Tim Plester on a deeply personal journey from the barleyfields of his childhood to the killing fields of The Somme, in search of a connection with these much-maligned native dances that run deep in his bloodline.

        Featuring contributions from iconic singer/songwriter Billy Bragg and Fairport Convention's Chris Leslie.

        way of the morris press pack